Recoil is the effect firing a gun has on the weapon and the wielder.
Muzzle rise, wrist strain, body shifting, and other factors caused by repeated firing of a weapon are all factors in recoil.
Recoil becomes more of a strain the more bullets you shoot. If you are firing two guns at the same time, shots from the one affect the other, so bullets from each gun add to your total recoil value.
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Combat Sequence

Use the procedure outlined below to resolve combat. You can use the mnemonic device “DADA” to quickly recall the sequence.

The attacker declares an attack as part of the Declare
Actions part of his Action Phase
The defender also declares what method he is using to defend. A standard Defense Test (Reaction + Intuition) is free; for a price, the defender can choose to Dodge, Parry, Block or go on Full Defense.

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Called Shots

Sometimes, just taking a normal shot isn’t enough, and an attacker wants to do something specific with their attack. This section offers different options for calling a shot, though gamemasters can choose which of these options to allow in their game. All called shots incur a –4 dice pool penalty and cost a Free Action in addition to their basic attack action.  Continue reading

Edge and how to use it

Edge is a character’s luck, the favor of the gods, that unexplainable
factor that allows her to beat the odds. A character’s
Edge attribute represents the number of Edge points
a character has to spend during game play. Edge points
can be used for a wide range of benefits, as listed below.
Edge points that are spent are temporarily unavailable
(see Regaining Edge, at right), as luck will only take you
so far. A character’s Edge attribute never actually changes,
even when Edge points are spent, unless the character
permanently burns Edge.

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